Toolkits Questionnaire 2016


We're making some changes to our Toolkits.
We'd love to know what you think so that we can
make them as useful and user-friendly as possible! 

Happy clicking!

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Thanks for taking part!

There are 3 short sections to the survey, each comprised of just 3 questions each. The first section is about your engagement with the Toolkits...

Which Toolkits have you used before?

What were you trying to find out from the Toolkits? Did you learn what you needed to know?

Please specify which Toolkit and what you were trying to find!

I.e. Composer's Toolkit, Producer's Toolkit, Export Toolkit, Young Composer's Toolkit, Planning and Producing Artworks In The Natural Environment.
E.g. how to promote a concert, where to find netwoking events, how to publish your music, etc.
How did you find out about our Toolkits?

That's great! You've completed the first section!

Section 2 contains a series of 'rate-out-of-10' questions, where you can tell us how effective certain aspects of the Toolkits are...

How readable are the Toolkits you used?

Things to consider: grammar, phrasing, spelling, formatting...

How relevant are the Toolkits you used?

Things to consider: whether they are 'in date,' if they relate to the title well, whether they appropriately address the topic...

And finally, how accessible are the Toolkits?

Things to consider: navigation, layout, how easy they are to find...

Easy peasy! You're two thirds through now, with just 3 more questions left. The final section is about the future of the Toolkits, where your input is essential to their development...

What's the #1 thing you think the Toolkits need to have?

What would you add to the Toolkits, or change about them?
E.g. Mixed media, case studies, opportunities and resources, PDF downloads, additional information - anything you can think of!
Do you use any other 'how-to' platforms that you find very helpful, or use any resources that the Toolkits could benefit from?

If yes, which ones?
E.g. 'How-to,' opportunities listings, networking events, etc.
What is the best piece of personal, professional or practical advice that you would give to someone pursuing a career in the music industry?

Cheeky bonus question(!): Which social media or digital platforms do you find most effective?

(Feel free to skip)

Thank you

Thank you for taking part in the redevelopment of our Toolkits. Your input and feedback allows us to create great resources to help you and your fellow music-lovers make the best journey in the music industry.

Please feel free to share our survey!
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