Sound and Music is committed to ensuring that all applicants to its programmes and opportunities are treated equally and without discrimination. This form is intended to help us continue our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion across all of our work, by contributing to our understanding of who currently engages with our activity and where barriers to engagement lie.

Questions are optional and we respect your right not to provide all or some of the requested information. However, the more information you supply, the more effective our monitoring will be and the more we can continue to make improvements.

The results and data captured in this form are used anonymously, and are kept securely and separately from your application form, immediately after submission. They will never be used at any point during the selection process.

How we use this data

This data allows us to monitor, report and evaluate the diversity of applicants across our programmes and opportunities in an anonymous, aggregated, statistical form.

This form is entirely optional - you are not required to complete it in order to submit your application.

By completing and submitting this form to us, you are hereby consenting to our processing of any personal data and sensitive personal data for the purposes stated above, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
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