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As part of the Portfolio programme for 2017/18, Sound and Music, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Heritage Quay and the British Music Collection are offering an opportunity for two composer/creative artists who wish to develop their practice as artists in education.

The composers will select scores from the Music for Young Players series to use as starting points in two primary schools, work with children to create a realisation of these scores and make original, collaboratively composed companion pieces during the autumn of 2017.

The new pieces will be performed in a specially curated event during the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2017.
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Your Application

Q1: Please tell us why you are interested in this project? *

Tell us a bit about the work that you create and why you create it?  What would make the biggest difference to you moving forward with your work? What is it about working with the Music for Young Players scores in particular that interests you?
Q2: How might you draw on the historical context the Music for Young Players scores provide? *

The Music for Young Players scores were created and published at a specific point in the evolution of music education in the UK.  What elements of the scores do you think are relevant today, and what ideas would you draw on in your work in primary schools?
Q3: How do you envisage collaborating with the primary schools?   *

Please note that this is a residency opportunity where ideas will develop throughout the project. This section does not need to read as a fully-fledged project proposal, we just want to know what your initial points of departure should you be successful in your application.
Q4: Please explain how this opportunity represents a significant development opportunity for you. *

We would like to know about your experience of working with children and young people to date and how, by doing this project, you will be able to develop your practice as an educator.
5: What are your other commitments for 2017?

We require two examples of your work.

Please upload two examples of your work. If you are submitting media (audio or visual) do not send files or Dropbox links, instead please provide links to a website where we can access the material via a streaming service e.g. Soundcloud, Vimeo, or your own website. Please ensure you provide any relevant passwords for private files. Please also fill in the boxes below with the names of the works you are submitting.

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For other forms of work such as scores or textual descriptions, please upload as PDFs.  You may supply these in place of media links (as above) OR in addition as supporting material, as long as the information submitted ONLY relates to your two examples of work.

Please upload a score of Work 1 (if available)

Please upload score of Work 2 (if available)

Data Protection Act: Sound and Music is registered under the Data Protection Act. This means that we can ask you for certain personal details but must be able to explain why we have done so. In the case of Sound and Music Embedded Residency, we have only asked for details about yourself that will assist us in processing your application and keeping in contact with you. The Data Protection Act also means that you can ask us in writing to let you know what details we hold about you and we must let you have this information within a reasonable time. We are allowed to charge you an administration fee for doing this.

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On submission of the form, you will receive an automated message confirming receipt of your application.  If you don't receive this then you can contact Judith Robinson judith.robinson@soundandmusic.org to check your application has been received.

Sound and Music will be in contact with you in early June to let you know if you have been shortlisted for interview.
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