Welcome to the Summer School Application Form for 2018.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to save this form and return to it at a later stage, so we recommend that you collect together all the information and attachments you need before you start.

There is a full list of the information needed plus some examples of scores and coursework logs on the website:

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If you are offered a place on the Summer School, we will send you a bursary application form which will ask for information about your financial situation.

You can always request a bursary application form once you have been offered a place, even if you don’t answer 'Yes' now.
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Please tell us about your style of composition by selecting up to three statements that best describe your music. *

If you selected 'Other', please tell us your style here:

Please tell us about your style of music in the form of a tweet (280 characters)! *

Please tell us 3 pieces of music you have been listening to recently and why you like them. *

Please write up to 250 words saying why you want to take part in the Summer School  - including what experience you have of composing music (including at school, with a composition teacher or independently) and any musical activities in which you're involved. *

Please list any instruments played and to what standard: *

Please upload a score of your music in .pdf format here.  Remember that your music can be written down in many different ways - see http://www.soundandmusic.org/projects/sound-and-music-summer-school/apply for some examples. *

Please make sure your score is in .pdf format.
If you have a recording of your piece, you can upload it here:

Please explain the process behind creating your piece of music (250 words or less). Be sure to include the title of your work as well as background information (such as your starting points and how it was developed) on how the piece was composed.  There are some examples of coursework logs at http://soundandmusic.org/projects/applications-2017-sam-summer-school-will-open-january/apply *

Would you like to upload any additional pieces? (scores or recordings) *

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Are you currently in education? *

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Please make sure you complete the Summer School Equal Opportunities form too! 
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