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As part of Sound and Music’s Portfolio programme Adrian Lee and the Ludi Quartet South West aim to bring together up to 3 player and non-player composers alike to explore the potential of this entirely new, contemporary ensemble medium and develop new works for electric guitar quartet.

This professional development opportunity is focused on your artistic development.

Both Sound and Music and The Ludi Quartet Kernow will provide support to help you explore your ideas and creative practice. 

The works will be developed across workshops in Cornwall in autumn 2016 and spring 2017 and will be premiered as part of Truro Festival 2017.
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Tell us a bit about the work that you create and why you create it?  What are the barriers at the moment? What would make the biggest difference to you moving forward with your work? What is it about working with the Ludi Quartet and the electric guitar in particular that interests you?
b. What initial thoughts would you have for approaches to communication with the players? *

The communication of your ideas will require a flexible approach. We would be interested to learn more about how you might set about communicating your ideas, any experience you may have had with these approaches and any new ideas you are interested to explore and test.
c. What work would you like to develop as part of the residency? Please outline what your starting points would be. *

Please note that this is residency opportunity where ideas will develop throughout the project. This section does not need to read as a fully-fledged commission proposal, we just want to know what your initial points of departure might be should you be successful in your application.
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Please upload two examples of your work as audio media only.  Please do not send files or Dropbox links, instead please provide links to Soundcloud only.  Tracks can be shared privately; for information please see http://shareandembed.help.soundcloud.com/customer/portal/articles/2167144-sharing-a-private-track-or-playlist-within-soundcloud. Please also fill in the boxes below with the names of the works you are submitting.

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Data Protection Act: Sound and Music is registered under the Data Protection Act. This means that we can ask you for certain personal details but must be able to explain why we have done so. In the case of Sound and Music Portfolio Residency, we have only asked for details about yourself that will assist us in processing your application and keeping in contact with you. The Data Protection Act also means that you can ask us in writing to let you know what details we hold about you and we must let you have this information within a reasonable time. We are allowed to charge you an administration fee for doing this.

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